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Games & Activities

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INDOOR LOFT - PreK thru 2nd Grade
Tree house atmosphere created from beautiful Northern Hardwood draws children to climb and play. Features easy-to-grip handrails and anti-skid treads for secure footing. Carpeted loft area with Plexiglas panels for better supervision. Dimensions: 48" square, 71" total height.  Item# GD97040
Sale Price: $1341.90

INDOOR SLIDING FUN - Age: from 2 years
Here's a great way to help toddlers learn to climb & slide.  Features smooth rounded corners and hand grips with a slick polyethylene slide, 3 steps at rear. Dimensions: 16 1/2"W x 29 1/2"D x 59"L.  Item#awb8110

This item ships truck.  Shipping will be billed after purchase is made. Email your zip code for quote

REG: $279.95
Sale Price: $252.95

LOG CABIN PLAY HOUSE - Age: from 2 years 
Promote creative play! This all wood play house is finished in a strong non-toxic Danish oil. Four interlocking door panels can be reassembled in minutes by an adult. Curtains and roof are attached with Velcro. Wood surfaces may be painted or wallpapered. Item# aalc180
Sale Price: $299.95

CHILD'S PLAYHOUSE - Also use as Puppet Theater!
Children will play for hours in this lightweight, sturdy playhouse that also functions as a puppet theatre. Wooden frame, printed panels and fabric construction is easy to assemble and take apart for storage. Draw pictures on the colorful chalkboard front panel. Announce show times with the moving clock. 37.5"H x 46"L x 46"D. Item#aalx20n
Sale Price: $299.95

LET'S PLAY SHOP! -  Ages 3 years and up 
WOW!! This is a great item that promotes unlimited imagination! Shop features include: divided shelves for storage, sales counter with a sloped shelf underneath and two double-sided chalkboards for advertising your store name and the "Special of the day". Dimensions:  27 1/2' W x 27"D x 44"H.  Item#swt4402547
Sale Price: $209.95

PLAYHOUSE HIDEAWAY - With Bookshelves on each end!
Three units in one with this unique storage, dramatic-play or quiet time structure. Two bookshelves provides ample storage for books, games and puzzles. The 'play hut' features a canopy with front and rear curtains.  Dimensions:  70 3/4"W x 36 1/2"D x 49 1/4"H.Item#agc6418
Sale Price: $378.00


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