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Our daycare furniture items in the categories below are on our * program.  This includes day care furniture and equipment for home and center-based facilities.  Looking for the Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar, or the Activity Park Jr.?  Look no further...

Click image to enlarge

Activity Park Jr. (Climb, Crawl & Slide Cube) - Quad
The activity park provides children with multiple activities, climbing, hiding and crawling. Modular system made of rugged plastic to withstand years of use, indoors or outdoors. Easy assembly, no tools required. Age 2+ ..Dimensions: 4 units - 27in H x 31in W x 55in D Item# VAELR-038QD
Sale Price: $743.00

Climb N Slide
Children can climb, hide, crawl and slide on and around this vibrant colored Climb N Slide.. The straight slide reverses and becomes a set of stairs that leads to a platform. Children can climb through the back door and up to the platform using the stability bar alone. Fade resistant with 2 year limited warranty. Great for indoor or outdoor use. Ages 3-6 yrs. Overall weight capacity of 66 pounds. Assembled Weight: 44lbs Assembled Dimensions: 65.75in x 33in x 39.75in. Item# AAELR-12523
Sale Price: $387.00

Choo-choo! Time to ride the train! Children will love to climb in, on, and through this exciting climber from Feber. A brightly-colored, illuminated tunnel in the style of a classic steam engine stretches 6 feet. Unit can be assembled in different ways, as well as extended with two-section extension panel sets (sold separately) to create a labyrinth! Features brightly colored, blow-molded plastic construction for safety, which allows children to climb inside and outside safely, and is resistant to temperature changes and fading by the sun. Colors may vary. *Additional shipping charges apply. Suitable for indoor or outdoor play Easy to assemble - No tools required! For ages 3 and up Dimensions: 90"L x 40"W x 48"H Manufactured by Feber 6 Month Limited Manufacturer Warranty.   Item# VAELR-0465*

This item ships truck.  Shipping will be billed after purchase is made. Email your zip code for quote

Sale Price: $456.00

Ahoy matey! Imaginations will soar when kids jump aboard the Buccaneer Boat. This brightly colored boat has everything you need to begin your nautical adventure including a pirate flag and move-able wheel. With the captain on the deck and crew in the cabin, the Buccaneer Boat will create a realistic experience for any imaginative child. Constructed using blow molded plastic; the boat can be used indoors or outdoors to encourage active play and socialization. No more than one child at a time should be at the helm of the ship. The boat is fade and weather resistant. Limited 2 year warranty. Ages 2-6. Heavy duty plastic requires adult assembly. Assembled Weight: 37.5lbs Assembled Dimensions: 54.30in x 30.70in x 56.70in. Item # AAELR-12508.
Sale Price: $281.00

Phanty Pic-N-Rock
This Phanty Pic-N-Rock is great! One side is a picnic table - turn it over and it becomes a rocker - accomodates 4 children. Eyes move. Easy assembly, no tools required. Brightly colored and resistant to temperature changes. Ages 2+ 22in.W x 27in.H x 45in.D Item# AAELR-040
Sale Price: $236.00

4-Section Extension Panels for Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar
This 4-Section Extension Panels for the Climb-N-Crawl Caterpill is great! For use with either 3-section or 4-section in gusin . These sections extend the length of the crawl-through tunnel. Measures over 5.5in long from tongue to tail with 20 1/2in opening at either end. Feet hold unit in place. Climb on, in, & around. 70in.L x 42.5in.W x 39.4in.H Item# AAELR-037
Sale Price: $313.00

Peek A Boo Caterpillar
Climb in, on, or around the Peek-A-Boo Caterpillar! A smaller version of the Gus Caterpillar for the little ones! Children will enjoy counting the caterpillars brightly colored feet and discover a variety of lively colors. Preschoolers will be enticed to climb up onto the Peek-A-Boo Caterpillar and hug its head and neck, or crawl through the sunlit tunnel. They can perch on top to sing songs with friends or listen to a story; what a neat place to gather. The Peek-A-Boo Caterpillar is great for active play preschoolers to stretch their legs and imaginations. Specially designed for use indoors or out. Ages 2-6. Assembled Dimensions:56.25in x 37.00in x 47.75in Tunnel Height:22.5in Weight:40lbs. Item# AAELR-12511
Sale Price: $400.00

4-Section Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar w/Head & Tail
The 4-Section Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar w/Head & Tail is a must have for your preschool or daycare! Sections can be built in different ways. Easy to assemble and change around. Measures over 7in long from tongue to tail with 20 1/2in opening at either end. Create an 80in lighted tunnel with 4 sections. Feet hold unit in place. Climb on, in, & around. 85.5in.L x 42.5in.W x 39.4in.H Item# AAELR-035
Sale Price: $393.00

Country Estate Playhouse
This large playhouse estate is ideal for multiple children to play at once! Play house features a mail slot, working door and windows, and a picnic bench for added fun. Walls feature bright colors and are engraved with fun motifs. Easy to assemble and fade resistant. 2 yr limited warranty. Assembled Weight: 95lbs Assembled Dimensions: 78.75in x 63.50in x 67.75in Item#VAELR-12518.

This item ships truck.  Shipping will be billed after purchase is made. Email your zip code for quote

Sale Price: $875.00

Lake Cottage House
Lovely Lake Cottage with folding door and window. Walls with engraved funny motifs. Comfortable porch with columns and fences. Easy to assemble. Bright colors and weather resistant. 2 year limited warranty. Assembled Weight: 54lbs. Assembled Dimensions: 66in x 41.50in x 46.50in. Item #AAELR-12512.

This item ships truck.  Shipping will be billed after purchase is made. Email your zip code for quote

Sale Price: $475.00

Tree Top Climb and Slide
Active children will love this Vibrant Tree Top Climb and Slide! The fun climber features apple trees on both sides so kids will feel like they are really in a tree. Two side ladders made it easy to access the platform, reach the tree tops and wavy slide. Take a break from climbing and sliding on the sturdy bench with a backrest, conveniently located in the back of the tree house. The multipurpose table reverses to become a sand pit. The possibilities are truly endless! Parents, daycare providers, and peschool teachers will love the easy to clean tree house. Ages 3-6. Overall weight capacity of 220 pounds. Assembled Weight: 62lbs Assembled Dimensions: 78.74in x 49.20in x 54.70in. Item # AALER-12524.

This item ships truck.  Shipping will be billed after purchase is made. Email your zip code for quote

Sale Price: $600.00


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