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Extreme Makeover:

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Our 'Carpet Squares & Kits' classroom carpets are pictured below for you to choose from.  For other styles than those on this page, click on a new link below.

ABC's & 123's Social Studies Game Rugs Bi-Lingual
Music Animals/Nature Shapes & Objects Religious
Patterned/Themes Solid Colored Rugs Transportation Special Needs

click on images to enlarge

ABC Phonic Squares - Size Set of 26
Contains the complete alphabet with a picture to match the beginning sound of each letter. Upper and lowercase letters displayed. Perfect for teaching phonics! Each 12"X12" square is brightly colored. Set of 26 (A-Z) Item#AACK 1026
Sale Price: $124.95

Alphabet Squares - Size Set of 26
Letters of the complete alphabet, set of 26 (A-Z). Uppercase letter displayed as main letter and lowercase letters displayed in corner. Each 12"X12" square is brightly colored. Item#AACK 926
Sale Price: $124.95

Bilingual Carpet Squares - Size Set of 18
Eighteen (18) Matching squares in both Spanish and English. Pictures displayed correspond with words. Item#AACK 1618
Sale Price: $89.95

Bilingual Number Squares - Size Set of 10
Numbers 1-10 in both Spanish and English, both written out and numbered. Squares measure 12"X12". Item#AACK 1620
Sale Price: $54.95

Spanish Alphabet Blocks Kit - 12in x 12in SQUARES
A great addition to any classroom! Contains the complete Spanish alphabet with a picture to match the beginning sound of each letter. Upper and lowercase letters displayed on each 12"X12" brightly colored square. Set of 30. Item# AACK3230
Sale Price: $124.16

Calendar Numbers (+ 4) - Size Set of 35
Numbers 1 thru 31 plus four 'special days', for a complete set of 35. Carpet squares measure 12"X12". Item#AACK135
Sale Price: $125.95

Hip Hop Number Rounds - Size Set of 12
12-piece round lily pads & picture carpet circles for fun. Can be matched up with the Hip Hop to the Top rug! Item#AACK2402
Sale Price: $69.95

Zippity Zoo Animal Squares - Size Set of 14
14 piece kit for fun or matching with the Zippity Zoo Time rug! Each carpet square is brightly colored and measures 12"X12". Item#AACK2514
Sale Price: $62.95

Learn Around the Clock (& Kit) - Size-CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
Children learn to tell time as it relates to their daily activities. Included with the rug is a 14 piece kit containing two clock hands and 12-one foot round daily activity pieces. Item#AACK7976
Sale Price: $377.95
Need help finding more products like these? Visit our partner store ClassroomCarpetsAtoZ.com

Shape/Number Squares - Size Set of 20
Numbers 1-10 plus 2 each of 5 shapes for a set of 20. Each square measures 12"X12". Item#AACK920
Sale Price: $86.35

BUILDING BLOCKS - Size 36-12"X12"
Building Blocks are the ultimate flash cards. Used alone or in conjunction with Floors That Teach, these blocks are a great way to teach letter and color recognition. Each square measures 12x12 inches. Dimensions:36-12"X12" Item#AAFSBBLO
Sale Price: $313.00


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